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What we have done:

  • Art Direction
  • Print Design
  • Environmental Design

Inspired by the photography of Pelle Cass, the creative for Dublin Fringe Festival 2022 features multiples of three of this year’s performers: Léann Herlihy, Dafe Orugbo, and Anna Clifford. The trio strike an array of poses that bring to life the core themes and effervescent energy of the festival.

Three themes were central to the festival’s 2022 curatorial statement: restrage and revelry. Each of these was considered a means of dealing with the stresses and strains of the previous two years of COVID-19-related dangers and restrictions.

Each of these feelings is in all of us — we contain multitudes! — so we represented the themes in a series of abstracted poses by our artists in a performance space, that endangered species so crucial to the artist and to the festival itself.

Rest represented reflection and self-care, an empty calendar, an end to FOMO and more time for doing our stretches and catching up on our sleep.

Rage is the “fuel for rapid transformation”, a rejection of the Dublin run by property developers at the expense of the citizenry, the lack of places to practice, to create and, above all, to live, that make being an artist so challenging.

Revelry is the sense of togetherness after two years apart, the need to seize the moment and party with purpose. Above all else, Dublin Fringe Festival is about being in places with people and experiencing something new.

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