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Helpful SEO tips: 5 ways to improve your website

Let’s start with a simple rule: to increase the number of your visitors, people need to find you easily. You can achieve this by obtaining a high-ranking placement in the results that appear when somebody uses a search engine like Google.


We know how long and tiring the climb along this ladder can become and how much work there is behind the creation of a website and its relative indexing. For this very reason, to make it easier, you should follow the 5 helpful SEO tips listed below.


First of all, let’s clarify what we’re talking about: SEO – an acronym which stands for Search Engine Optimization – is the set of strategies and practices used to increase the visibility of a website by improving its position in the rankings of search engines in non-paid results, called “organic”.


To optimize a site, many different factors must be taken into account. An original approach to describe the main points has been realized by Search Engine Land, a well-known and authoritative American magazine of the sector. Search Engine Land has created a periodic table of ranking elements divided into two main categories: on the page and off the page factors.


Transform your good website into an excellent one with the below helpful SEO tips.


Think Mobile-first

More and more people are accessing the web from their mobile phone and Google is rightly adapting its algorithms so that sites optimized for mobile devices are better positioned. Moreover, Google has even decided to restructure its indexing rules based on the “mobile-first” principle. This rule implies taking into consideration firstly the mobile version of the websites and then the desktop one.


Limit pop-up ads

One of the elements that most disturb mobile navigation is full-screen pop-ups. For this reason, Google penalizes sites that show full-screen intrusive pop-ups and ads that need to be closed by the users before they can continue browsing.
It is important to note, however, that sites that show legally-prescribed pop-ups, such as the cookie information banner, are not penalized.
However, all other pop-ups, such as promotional ones or those that invite the user to subscribe to the newsletter, should be reduced and occupy only 20% of a device’s screen.


Optimize images

Use an appropriate name for the images you use in your posts and remember to add a description to them. Take advantage of the ALT attribute and write a description of the image containing a keyword. The ALT text refers to the ALT attribute or the alternative text applied to the images of your WordPress site. The ALT tags are used by Google to see how relevant your image is to the content in which it is inserted. You should always add the ALT text to your images.


Improve the UX of your website

Have you always thought that the structure of your site, the smooth navigation, as well as the loading time were elements unrelated to the positioning? This is completely false! User experience is closely linked to ranking. Google itself has always said that the websites awarded are the quality ones.

Make sure that:

• there are no blank pages on your site
• you can quickly navigate from one page to another
• the URLs of the pages are clean and unique

To learn more, read our article about the user experience stats you need to know in 2019.


Increase your social media activity

Search engines are very attentive to your activity on social networks and will reward your shares. Pay attention to the social pages of your competitors and try to persuade your users to comment and share your posts on their pages. The resulting advertising will be really useful for scaling up the search engines.

In conclusion, by following these useful tips you can improve your website and, consequently, achieve a higher position in the search engine ranking.

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