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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

The Battle Royale: Wordpress vs. Squarespace

It’s easy to let the frustration of creating a website drive you to choose what seems to be the “easiest,” or “most convenient” online platform to begin your site. For some, platforms such as Squarespace or Wix become enticing based on their superficial availability and promises of a quick journey to a live site. 

However, when it comes to important factors such as SEO, content management, customization, and overall website support and assistance, Wordpress is by far the optimal choice in platform. 

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In terms of search engine optimization, Wordpress absolutely takes the cake.
First, Wordpress refers to “alt tags” and “meta data” by their proper names in the back end of your website. When referring to these SEO tools, Squarespace uses names such as “captions,” “descriptions,” and “extracts.” Depending on which template you are using, what you type into those channels may actually end up becoming visible on the page. This is problematic because it then creates a scenario where designers use those SEO tools for visual purposes instead of choosing words with SEO optimization in mind. 

Also, Wordpress has a wide range of professional SEO plugins (such as Yoast) that systematically assess the quality of your SEO on your website, and then automatically suggests ways to improve it in order to increase SEO. Squarespace has no equivalent function. 

Thirdly, when looking at the code of your website on Wordpress versus Squarespace, Wordpress makes sure that your keywords and your business name are at the forefront of the SEO. 

Control Your Content

This is your website. You know what is best for your business and what information needs to be on your website for proper advertisement. So, you would obviously want to complete control over your website’s content. 

When using Wordpress, what you put on your website is entirely up to you. However, when using Squarespace, any of your content can be immediately taken down if it conflicts with their acceptable use policies. 

Also, it is much easier to export content out of Wordpress than out of Squarespace. There are many tools available on Wordpress to help you export and back up all of your content. In Squarespace, you are limited to exporting your site on an XML file, and only specific types of content can be exported. 

Wordpress also allows you to switch between the HTML code and the WYSIWYG (What You See is What You Get) when you are editing your content. Although you can add “code blocks” in Squarespace, you are not allowed direct access to the main HTML in the backend of your pages and posts. 

Wordpress ultimately gives you complete control over your content, while Squarespace has significant restrictions. 

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Complex Sites

Wordpress has the ability to host large and complex websites, while Squarespace is more suited for smaller, simpler sites. 

This is because Squarespace does not facilitate deep hierarchies within websites - it severely limits you to only two levels of navigation. 

For example, if you try to create a page on your site that has sub-pages (i.e. your page “Our Architectural Portfolio” has two subpages, “House and Home” and “Office Buildings,” Squarespace will not allow clients to visit the parent page. Your clients will not be able to access the “Our Architectural Portfolio” page - they will only be able to visit one of the sub-pages.

This, in turn, creates a very “flat” website. In some ways, a simple, flat website can be a good thing. It makes content much easier to find and makes your website easier to comprehend. 

However, for businesses that offer a wide range of services and resources, a deep online hierarchy becomes a requirement for website design. Wordpress allows for multiple levels of navigation and layers upon layers of design possibilities. That is why massive corporations such as Disney, Time Inc, and the New York Times trust Wordpress to host their sites.

Optimal Customization

Flexibility is where Wordpress excels. With over 54,000 different plugins to choose from, on Wordpress, you can essentially create any site that you desire. Need an e-commerce page? They’ve got you covered. Want to display a photo gallery? No problem. 

Squarespace, on the other hand, only has 8,000 plug-ins.

And, if you do not find a plug-in that meets your specific requirements, you can easily commission a Wordpress developer to craft a code that meets your needs. 

Community Support

With over 34% of the internet using Wordpress as their platform, there is a massive community of support around this host. Volunteers contribute to the Wordpress core and there are always volunteers, employees, or users available to answer questions on the Wordpress Support Forum.

Squarespace does not have nearly as large a community as Wordpress. Wordpress even hosts camps and conferences globally that gather thousands of people to share and discuss ways to improve this platform. 

With such a vast community, your business will receive the support it needs to design the perfect website.

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