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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

Twitter stats you need to know in 2019

Whether it’s the latest news or the latest meme, Twitter consistently punches above its weight in our cultural consciousness. And it’s an important space for brands to make an impression on potential customers. Check out the following Twitter stats to learn more about the platform’s user base.

Number of Twitter Users

One of the first questions that come to mind when considering a Twitter marketing campaign is probably: how many people use Twitter?

Twitter boasts 330 million monthly active users (as of 2019 Q1). Of these, more than 40 percent, or more specifically, 134 million, use the service on a daily basis (Twitter, 2019). 

This was the first quarterly growth in monthly active users for Twitter in a year, which had been falling since its peak in the first quarter of 2018.

- Source: Twitter, 2019


Twitter Demographics: Age

Instagram and Snapchat may have snapped up the young demographic, but Twitter has its own crowd to appeal to. 

Approximately six of every 10 (63 percent) Twitter users worldwide are between 35 and 65 years old (theVAB, 2018).

This paints a pretty clear picture of Twitter’s appeal for an audience that’s more mature than those of Snapchat and Instagram.

The average adult Twitter user in the US appears to fall closer to the lower end of that range – with a median age of 40.

- Source: Thevab


Average Time Spent on Twitter

The average time spent on Twitter clocks in at 3.39 minutes per session (Statista, 2019) – a statistic that shouldn’t surprise given the short lifespan (15 to 20 minutes) of a tweet.

Twitter’s popularity as an outlet for news has been on the rise, and it’s one of the top reasons people use Twitter.

It’s a popular medium to communicate breaking news. In fact, journalists make up nearly a quarter of all verified accounts on Twitter.

The bite-sized news in the form of tweets makes for easy and quick consumption. This explains the relatively short amount of time spent per session on Twitter compared with social media giant Facebook, whose average session is 4.96 minutes. And when it comes to time spent on Twitter, it also helps to know the best time and day to post on Twitter.

- Source: Statista


Twitter Influence On Consumption Habits

This is a great reflection of the increasing influence social media has on consumers’ purchase habits and highlights just how important it is for brands to be present on social media.

Getting your brand involved on Twitter, however, revolves around more than just being interactive and engaging. There’s also the power of social media influencers to consider.

According to Twitter, purchase intent of users increased over five-fold when were exposed to tweets from both influencers and brands, as opposed to 2.7 times with just brand tweets.

Getting involved in Twitter campaigns with influencers has clear benefits for your business and you may want to begin finding appropriate influencers as soon as possible.

- Source: Digital Marketing Institute


Twitter Popularity Among B2B Marketers

67 percent of all B2B businesses are using Twitter as a digital marketing tool (Statista, 2018). And given the number of active Twitter users, this figure really shouldn’t come as a surprise. 

Social media has given rise to the possibility of engaging personally with consumers. So much so that the brand-customer relationship has gone from one that’s uni-directional to bi- and even multi-directional. 

In other words, brand messaging is no longer a simple one-sided conversation whereby consumers only listen. They are now well-equipped to react, respond, and interact not only with brands and their messages but also with other consumers who are also engaging. 

That said, it’s become increasingly important for brands to not only be present on Twitter but also interactive and engaging.

In fact, 77 percent of Twitter users have a better impression of a brand when they respond to a tweet. And six out of ten users expect a brand to respond to any customer service requests within one hour.

- Source: Statista

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