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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

The Nugno's web design process

Here at Nugno, we are committed to helping your firm live up to its best potential. We create strategy and design with production across all platforms. We’re masters of brand identity and extremely skilled in the art of website design. 

As we spoke about in our previous article, in this day-and-age, having an innovative website is a major contributing factor to the success of a company. However, creating such a website can be a daunting task if a company does not feel that it has a firm grasp on the skills needed to design the perfect site that accurately aligns with your company’s values. That is where we come in. With our innovative, step by step working process, we work collaboratively with your company to design an engaging, memorable website that drives traffic to your company.

We want to create the kind of work that reflects our dedication, care, and joy in solving business problems through design. The type of work that inspires our community, that shakes the competition and stands out because it has a unique point of view.


Our Process

Meet and Brief

You are the expert on your brand. The first step in our process involves meeting with you directly to gauge what your business wishes to accomplish with your new site. Does your digital identity lack impact? Do you need to evolve your brand story? Do you need a more consistent content strategy? Do you need to track and analyze visitors to your site? Or do you simply want your brand to shine across all digital platforms? 

We will identify that goal and begin working to execute a plan to make it attainable. We will identify the scope of your needs, i.e. what type of content, pages, and digital features your site requires to fulfill the goal, and then work with you to create a timeline to accomplish these tasks.

We want to hear your opinions throughout the design process, but the initial meeting is crucial in building the framework for your website.


Research, Strategic & Creative Concept Development

Our next step will be to dig into our research. We will look at what your competition is doing on the website front, and then we will analyze what exactly your customers are looking for in a website. We will also research various ways to fully enhance your Search Engine Optimization (SEO), and establish tools and features needed on the pages to increase traffic to your site. 

Also, if you already have a website in place, we will use heat mapping to get a better grasp on what your customers are looking for on your site. Heat mapping tracks the movement of your visitor’s mouse on a particular page. A website heat map gives you an idea of where visitors are spending time on your website. We will use this information to pull out the most important parts of your site and place them at the forefront of your new website.


Design Process

Now comes the fun part. Nugno recognizes that creating a website is more than just a numbers game. Other web designers often only think inside the box, focusing solely on technical matters such as wireframes and codes to create a site. However, Nugno realizes that in order to create a successful website, the site must align with an overarching strategy to help visitors understand your brand. Well-designed websites attract visitors, help people understand your product or service, and encapsulates your brand's ethics, values, and beliefs. 

Every element of your site needs to work towards realizing your goal. We will tailor your site to your specific needs, defining how each piece of the puzzle will interrelate to form a beautiful site that is informative and engaging.



Once we have reviewed your new website with you, we will make sure that everything is working perfectly. We will tackle everything from making sure that your site works across all platforms, to identifying automated site crawlers, wrestling any user experience issues, and even focus on something as simple as fixing broken links.



Once everything proves to be in working order, we will launch your brand new site. We will also assist in the maintenance of your site as the year continues. 


Revamping Your Site

If you're not looking to create an entirely new website, but just looking to revitalize your existing one, we also have the skills and expertise to put that plan into action. We will thoroughly analyze your existing site and see how it can be improved from a user experience, SEO, and content point of view. We use tools to let us see every visitor that comes to your site. We see where they click, how much time they spend on each page, how far they scroll, what content they spend the most time reading, and more. 

This holistic approach lets us become experts on your visitors, and helps us revamp and tailor your current website to more accurately and efficiently cater to your visitor's needs.

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About Nugno

Nugno is a Branding & Digital Design studio. Founded and run by strategic branding & digital design experts that shares a love of innovation, design and digital connection.

We create strategy and design with production across all platforms. We’re masters of brand identity and on point with websites and apps. Our skills extend to designing books people want to read and environments they feel comfortable in. We also create engaging motion design and much more.

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