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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

Outsider Magazine: A Look Behind the Cover Part II

Hey guys! We’re back, and this time, we are diving in feet-first into the meat and potatoes of any magazine, found toward the middle and back-end of each issue.

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We are still focusing on Outsider, so, without further ado, let’s get into it!

The Middle of the Magazine

Here we will find the meat and potatoes of every magazine. Feature stories are laid out in the middle portion, and ads are scarce unless they are being used to separate stories.

In the Spring 2019 issue of Outsider, the feature story (which was also highlighted in the Editor’s Note) is “The Dreamy Dolomites: 6 Reasons Why This is Hiking Heaven.” Immediately, the jutting, rugged mountain peaks set against the soft blue of a clear sky captivates audiences - they want to read on to gather more information about this majestic landscape.

Feature stories are normally extremely text-heavy, so the correct text font, paragraph placement, pull quotes, and photograph placement is vital. No matter the content of the story, you want the design of its page to flow, helping the reader to easily navigate the piece while being thoroughly entertained.

In this feature piece, Nugno used Averta, a simple, boxy, medium (not too wide, not too narrow) font that is pleasant and easy on the eyes. The light blue of the subtitles (resembling the same blue as the Italian sky portrayed in the main photo) breaks up each paragraph, creating an easy and flowing space to read. Also, the sporadic use of important pull quotes in a much bolder, large print draws the eye away from the main text, giving the reader a much-needed break in the midst of a long paragraph.

Furthermore, the positioning of the photographs that correlate to the text on the page transports the reader to the Italian Dolomites, making them feel as if they were there themselves.

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The Back of the Magazine

Now we have made it to the back of the magazine, where we wind down and create a relaxing atmosphere. The readers have just been on an epic journey throughout the feature magazines, so you want to allow them to unwind a bit.


Towards the back of the magazine, Outsider provides a list of new outdoor/adventure gear that would benefit its readership. By pairing a high-resolution (yet small) image with a short caption describing the product, the design of this page continues to engage the audience by providing wanted information while also keep it aesthetically pleasing.


Outsider loves to highlight the amazing achievements of locals in the Irish outdoor-adventure scene. In their “Heroes” section, Outsider tells short stories about local heroes who have either accomplished an incredible feat (such as biking around the globe) or have helped their local community.

The design of these pages first dawns a full-page photo of the man or woman who is being honoured. The enlargement of the photo truly captures the essence of the person in front of the camera, showcasing the spark in each athlete’s eyes.

By getting away from the hard-packed, intense stories of serious, worldly expeditions or weighty environmental issues and transitioning the focus to more positive, lighter accomplishments within a smaller community, this section provides a heartwarming ending to the magazine.

60 Seconds

This section falls on the very last page of Outsider and provides the audience with a quick, light Q&A with a local athlete who has made headway in their area of expertise.

Once again, this light reading allows the reader to unwind from the intense feature stories provided in the middle of the magazine while still keep them engaged and entertained.

I know that that was a lot of information to throw at you, but that is just scratching the surface of the grit, determination, and attention to detail that goes into the editorial design.

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