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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

Why heat maps can help you

The way in which users explore a website is crucial for their comprehension of it. Understanding the elements that grab your visitors’ attention and identifying the areas that are ignored is fundamental to increase your conversion rate. Used by everyone from social scientists to biologists, heat maps have been around first in the scientific community and then spread in different business sectors.

In particular marketers and designers use tools to create Website Heat maps: a graphical representation of data presented through colors, that are used to understand how users move on a website, where clicks are concentrated, and to record entire browsing sessions.

What data a website heat map can give you?

Heatmaps are an easy and quick way to visualize an enormous amount of quantitative data. In fact, by using this tool, you can obtain objective and clear information about the navigational patterns of your users. The accuracy of the information you can have surely depends on various factor and the quality of the heatmap tool used is definitely the most important one.

As you can see below, the parts of a page that get more clicks are highlighted with colors; the spots in red are those with contents that have received more interactions.

In order to have a proper analysis of your website, is crucial to take advantage of all the different types of web diagnostic heat maps available.

Click heat maps reveal the clicking patterns of your audience, scroll heat maps clarify the average visibility of your pages, movement heat maps track mouse movements. Attention heat maps tell you which areas of your site are most engaging to your visitors, Finally, geo heat maps help you identify user locations anonymously.

Here’s why website heat maps are powerful allies for your business:

A website heat map tool helps you understand where your visitors click and hover

You can define what elements and information your users analyze and think about. In this way is easier to identify what kind of data your audience processes.

A website heat map tool shows the sections which interrupt your conversion

There might be some elements on your web page that users don’t like or find distracting. People’s attention span is narrowing, so you need to change the confusing elements and thus eliminate the clutter from your website.

Heat maps make it possible to learn from users to create a smarter design

Heat maps help you understand what your audience does (and just as importantly, doesn’t do) as they respond to your website. You can obtain precious tips to improve the overall experience of your users.

A website heat map makes you see the best place to put an element on the page

Heat map analysis will highlight the best and worst areas of your web pages, so you can decide to place important elements where visitors have a bigger chance to notice them.

Heat maps help you make informed choices to achieve your business goal

This type of quantitative analysis allows you to have valuable insight about the behavior of your audience and enable decisions that drive business results. In conclusion, a proper heat map analysis can help discover different ways to optimize the user engagement of your website, improve the overall experience of your visitors and, ultimately, increase your conversion rate that leads to sales.

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