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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

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If you’d like to find out more about how our creative muscle can help you grow your business through great design, please get in touch.

Create a Brand that Shines

Branding is one of the most essential aspects of product development, customer reception, and company promotion. What began as a simple way of marking one’s own ideas has rapidly expanded into an extensive process to express a unique business that stands out in a saturated market. Here at Nugno, we strive to help you organize and design a brand that will entice customers and captivate audiences.

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The Beginning of Branding

Looking back to when humans first began creating products for trade, the artisans demanded recognition for their hard work. Even during Roman times, artisans would embed initials or symbols into their work in order to advertise their skill - letting others know where to travel to purchase a piece of work that held up to the quality of the original piece.

Although complicated by today’s fast-paced world, the same principles of branding apply to our current market.

What is a Brand?

A brand increases value and legitimacy. Broken down into its simplest terms, a brand is a promise, an assurance, and an overall idea and belief system. A brand must display that this unique product is right for the customer, and it also must connect with the viewer on a basic level.

A brand is not just a logo. A brand is created by the public’s perception of your company, service, or product. This perception is the result of a company’s actions, promises, customer service, and graphic visuals. A brand creates emotional connections and loyalty with customers.

Take FedEx, for example. This expedited shipping company has perhaps one of the most recognizable logos in the world. Created by abbreviating ‘Federal Express,’ this logo works to reiterate the company’s brand. Delivering over 15 million shipments per day across over 220 countries, this massive courier company required a logo that sparked awareness of the company’s objectives. Often seen racing by on the side of a small, white delivery truck, this logo represents the company’s promise.

The physical design of the logo dawns deep purple writing that is immediately juxtaposed with radiant orange letters. This contrast works to signify the company’s goal of delivering packages quickly, yet doing so at a reasonable cost.

The Importance of an Image

Done correctly, the customer should be able to recognize a brand without seeing the name or the logo. Experts in the field of marketing, Nugno will work alongside your company to assess your brand in order to create perfect designs that tell the story of your company without saying a word.

In order to accomplish this, Nugno must first understand the big picture. A clear, strong brand message is crucial to the success of any company. It is our job as designers to look at the company’s promises, reputation, and driving forces in order to pinpoint the main brand message. Once we have organized a cohesive understanding of the company, we then work to create a visual form of communication that expertly conveys the company’s objective.

Branding in Today’s World

Due to social media, the rate at which information travels is infinitely faster than even 10 years ago. This jump, along with an increase in mass-production and ease of transportation, has left consumers with far more choices in products. Why should they choose yours?

According to a study conducted by the telecommunications company Ofcom, people are, on average, online for 24 hours a week - which is twice as long as 10 years ago. The study also showed that one in five adults spend as much as 40 hours a week on the web. Ofcom attributes this surge in time online to the increased availability of smartphones, which are now used by 78% of the population in the UK compared with just 17% in 2008.

With this rapid availability of information due to the internet, your logo has to capture the consumer’s attention quickly.

Reaching Your Audience

Our job as designers is to look at your company’s big picture and condense it into a design that will captivate the consumer quickly and effectively. We will pinpoint your brand’s main message and construct a clear and concise design to appeal directly to your audience.

Clean and minimal design adds value by starting to build relationships with potential customers in preparation for a sale. The design of an advertisement adds value by visually explaining and supporting the price and value of the products or services.

We create more than just a pretty logo or website. We establish how your customers, employees and other stakeholders perceive your position in the marketplace.

You are the expert of your own business, and we wish to work with you to develop the perfect brand that is a visual representation of your corporate values and identity.

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We create strategy and design with production across all platforms. We’re masters of brand identity and on point with websites and apps. Our skills extend to designing books people want to read and environments they feel comfortable in. We also create engaging motion design and much more.

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